The Natural Barefoot Path consists of two legs (each about 200 m / 219 yd long). Starting at the Schnatterloch bridge, the first leg will take you to the picnic area, the second to the Ottostein. The path is a pristine forest trail with small gravel, cones, leaves, soil, and all other features nature has to offer along trails and paths. Please mind each step and be cautious wherever you go!

Grant your feet some rest after having covered half of the trail, spend some time at the picnic area and try out your dexterity at the wooden play equipment. When rested, proceed on the second leg and you will reach the spectacular natural monument Felsenmeer (boulder field, lit. „sea of rocks“), a wonderful location dating back to previous Ice Ages.

Having reached the Ottostein, the Art Trail (about 600 m / 656 yd long) now takes you to a scenic view point above the Mildenburg castle where you will be rewarded with a breath taking, marvelous view of Miltenberg. Students from the schools of Miltenberg, as well as some independent artists regularly display different kinds of art.

When you carry on, you will find various kinds of trees which are well explained on panels in easy to understand German and English. This Educational Tree Trail (about 500 m / 547 yd long) takes you back to your starting point, the Schnatterloch.