The city of Miltenberg and the towns of Bürgstadt and Kleinheubach founded the Tourism Association Miltenberg Bürgstadt Kleinheubach as of 1st January 2003. The objective was to be stronger together and to offer our guests better and more extensive information.

As of 1st January 2019 the awkward name was changed to DREI AM MAIN. The logo of DREI AM MAIN depicts the hills of the Odenwald and Spessart forests with the Main river between them.

The team of the tourism information will be happy to assist you with queries and requests regarding bicycle and hiking tours, tips for outings and many other issues. We are from here and  always have one special recommendation or the other – customized for each visitor!

Of course we also welcome suggestions for improvement or ideas enabling us to  continuously improve our service. Bike and hiking maps, souvenirs as well as books and CDs relating to Miltenberg, Bürgstadt and Kleinheubach are on sale. We also have a variety of free brochures at your disposal.

We also hold information on events in our member towns and sell tickets for events arranged by the cultural department STADTKULTUR Miltenberg.

We look forward to seeing you. 

Information Material

Order brochures online, browse or download them. 

Free of charge and without any obligation – order, browse or download our up-to-date brochures and flyers. 

Die abwechslungsreiche Front der Fachwerkhäuser in Miltenberg, darüber die Mildenburg


You can reach Miltenberg or Kleinheubach from Aschaffenburg by train within half an hour. Bürgstadt does not have a railway station of its own, therefore it is recommended to take a local bus or taxi to reach your destination in Bürgstadt. You can find the schedules here: www.bahn.com/en, as well as here: www.bahn.de/westfrankenbahn.

All our towns can be easily reached by local busses. Busses run regularly between 8 am and 7 pm. Fares are reasonable and busses are a good alternative to going by car. Treat yourself to being chauffeured! It is important though to check schedules and services beforehand as some busses are “on demand” and you need to register by telephone to make sure the bus service is running.

Miltenberg, Bürgstadt und Kleinheubach liegen an den folgenden Fernradwegen:

  • MainRadweg (Miltenberg, Bürgstadt, Kleinheubach)
  • Erftal-Mühlenradweg (Miltenberg, Bürgstadt)
  • Limes-Radweg (Miltenberg, Kleinheubach)
  • 3-Länder-Radweg (Miltenberg)
  • Main-Tauber-Fränkischer Radachter (Miltenberg, Bürgstadt)
  • D-Route 5 (alle)
  • Main-Neckar-Radweg (Miltenberg)

Miltenberg, Bürgstadt and Kleinheubach are all located next to the Main River, in the midst of two larger regions, the so-called Spessart and Odenwald. There is easy access from all directions:

  • Via autobahn A3 from Würzburg take exit “Wertheim” and simply follow the signs towards Miltenberg
  • Via autobahn A81 take exit “Osterburken, Ahorn” or “Tauberbischhofsheim” and follow the road towards Hardheim along the river Erf valley until you reach Miltenberg
  • Via autobahn A3 from Frankfurt take exit “Aschaffenburg-West” and follow the federal highway B469
  • Via autobahns A5 or A67 there are two options:
    • Either take exit “Bensheim”, (from autobahn A67 take exit “Lorsch”) and follow the scenic road “Nibelungenstraße” (B47) until you reach Amorbach where you turn on B469 to Miltenberg;
    • Or you change autobahns from A5 (or A67) to Motorway A3 heading for Würzburg until you reach the exit “Aschaffenburg – West”. There you take B469 which goes straight to Miltenberg
  • Via the autobahn A45 take exit “Stockstadt” and follow the federal highway B469.

Sie sind mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln angereist, möchten jetzt aber doch einen Ausflug in die Umgebung unternehmen? Das Autohaus Wolfert (VW, Audi, Skoda) in Bürgstadt vermietet auch Fahrzeuge: www.wolfert-gruppe.de

Changed Traffic Routing during the Michaelismesse ("St. Michael's Fair")

In Miltenberg the Michaelismesse (“Saint Michael’s Fair”) takes place every year from the last complete weekende in August to the first Sunday in September. 

During the fair and while it is set up and taken down there will be disruptions for bicycles, motorbikes, cars and coaches. 

Arrival by bike

The bike route MainRadweg, usually leading across the big parking areas along the Main river will be closed from 14th July to mid-October 2023. There is a local detour. Just follow the signs. 

Arrival by car

The car parking area “Pfarrkirche” (“parish church”) will be closed from 14th July to mid-October 2023. You have the following alternatives:
– During this entire time in the public parking ramp “Altstadt” (fees from 25th August to 3rd September will be higher than usual)
– From 14th July to 16th August and from 08th September to mid-October 2023 on the parking area “Mainbrücke”
– From 16th August to 08th September 2023 at the outskirts

The car parking area “Mainbrücke” (“bridge over the Main river”) will be closed from 16th August to 08th September. You have the following alternatives:
– Public garage “Altstadt”
– At the outskirts

There will be special buses during the Saint Michael’s Fair.  

Arrival by coach

The coach parking area in the Jahnstraße will be closed from 16th August to 08th September 2023. 
There will be limited space on the coach parking area “Pfarrkirche” from 14th July to mid-October 2023. 
A parking alternative will be available from 16th August to 08th September in the northern part of Miltenberg, in the Nikolaus-Fasel-Straße between the schools at the bus stops for school busses. 

Thank you for your understanding.


Our power supplier, called emb, has installed four parking spaces, each with two charging stations for electric cars (these and some additional charging stations can be found on this map): 

  • Mainstraße 5 / 63897 Miltenberg (right in front of the main building of the power supplier emb) 
  • Berliner Platz 1 / 63897 Miltenberg (on the parking area of the bank Raiffeisen–Volksbank Miltenberg eG)
  • Engelplatz 69 / 63897 Miltenberg (near the town hall)
  • Josef-Ullrich-Straße 2 / 63927 Bürgstadt (near the greenway along the banks of the Main river)

Further information (accessibility, connectors etc.) are found on the website of the EMB-Energieversorgung Miltenberg-Bürgstadt GmbH & Co. KG

In addition there is one charging station for electric cars at the Landratsamt at the northern end of the old bridge. 


There are no barriers at the entries to the parking deck „Altstadt“ and to the parking lots „Schwimmbad“ (pool), “Mainbrücke” (bridge) and “Pfarrkirche” (parish church). Upon entry your licence plate will be automatically scanned. 

At the end of your stay just type your licence number into the vending machine and pay the parking fee in cash (the machine does not return any change) or via credit card. 

There is a car park routing system. 

Parking deck “Altstadt” (next to Jahnstraße 10) and parking lot Schwimmbad (Jahnstraße 1):
Opening hours are 24 hours daily even on Sundays and holidays. You can park a whole day for just 2 € (Schwimmbad / Pool) or 5 € (parking deck “Altstadt”) and reach the city center within only five minutes! If you plan to stay briefly, each commenced hour costs 0.30 €. This applies around the clock.
During our “Michaelismesse” (a big fair / festival running from the last complete weekend in August up to the first Sunday in September), the fees for parking are higher: 1 € for each commenced hour and a maximum fee of 10 € per full day.

Miltenberg parking lots “Pfarrkirche” (entry next to Mainstraße 62) and “Mainbrücke” (entry under the ramp of the bridge)
During your first hour of parking no fees apply; the second hour costs 0.50 € and afterwards it is 1 € an hour up to a maximum of 10 € per day.
These parking areas require fees daily between 8 am and 9 pm including Sundays and holidays.
Starting on Monday before the Michaelismesse (see note above) until Wednesday after that fair, these parking lots are not available.

Information Desk:
Energieversorgung Miltenberg-Bürgstadt GmbH
Luitpoldstr. 17
63897 Miltenberg,
Tel: +49(0)9371 / 404-4


While using the assigned parking areas and the parking deck it is imperative to follow the publicly displayed regulations of these parking areas. Parking is at your own risk. There are no parking attendants!


In Bürgstadt you can park your car at the parking lot “Josef-Ullrich-Straße” near the “Festplatz” (fairground); free parking, five spaces for coaches available

Coach parking in Miltenberg and Bürgstadt is free of charge. 


Parking lot for coaches at the corner of Jahnstraße and Luitpoldstraße (opposite the filling station “ESSO”)
Opening hours are 24 hours daily even on Sundays and holidays. Free parking.
Coordinates: 49° 42′ 17.8″ N, 9° 15′ 30.3″ E, Entry opposite Jahnstraße 10
From the Monday before the “Michaelismesse” (a big fair) running from the last complete weekend in August up to the first Sunday in September, to the Wednesday after the fair, this parking lot is not available.

Parking lot for coaches “Pfarrkirche” (“parish church”)
Opening hours are 24 hours daily even on Sundays and holidays. Free parking.
Coordinates: 49° 42′ 00.8″ N, 9° 15′ 06.4″ E, entry next to the old “Volksschule” (Mainstraße 62)

Information Desk:
Energieversorgung Miltenberg-Bürgstadt GmbH
Luitpoldstr. 17
63897 Miltenberg,
Tel: +49(0)9371 / 404-4


While using the assigned parking areas it is imperative to follow the publicly displayed regulations of these parking areas. Parking is at your own risk. There are no parking attendants!


In Bürgstadt you can park your car at the parking lot “Josef-Ullrich-Straße” near the “Festplatz” (fairground); free parking, five spaces for coaches available

Additional Information

  • Taxi Engelbart (large bike trailer available on request), Brückenstr. 52, Miltenberg, Tel. +49(0)9371-7177, Taxi7177@t-online.de
  • Taxi Tanja, Bürgstadt, Tel. +49(0)9371-7922, info@taxitanja.de
  • Taxi Olaf Ballweg, Miltenberg, Tel. +49(0)9371-8824

Public restrooms can be found in


  • at the bus stop “Klostergarten” (near the old bridge, opposite the bridge’s gate),
  • opposite the coach parking area “Jahnstraße” (at the entrance to the parking deck “Altstadt”) and
  • at the coach parking area “Pfarrkirche”.

Barrier-free restrooms and baby change facilities are available at the bus stop “Klostergarten” and at the coach parking area “Pfarrkirche”. The barrier-free restroom at the parking deck “Altstadt” can be used with a “Euro key”.

Public restrooms are in the Josef-Ullrich-Straße opposite the junction Große Maingasse. 

Miltenberg: small lockers for your shopping, small luggage and small panniers are available on the “Lindenplatz” at the lower end of the western bridge ramp.

Bürgstadt: Service-station for luggage and panniers is in the Josef-Ullrich-Straße junction Große Maingasse, on the bike trail

In Miltenberg free Wi-Fi is available at the Engelplatz and the Marktplatz. Another hotspot is in the library:

Library Miltenberg
in the “Adelshof” (“Bailiwick”), Hauptstr. 194
63897 Miltenberg,
Tel. +49(0)9371-90063


Opening hours:
Tuesday 10:00 – 12:00 h and 15:00 – 17:00 h
Wednesday 15:00 – 17:00 h
Thursday 10:00 – 12:00 h and 16:00 – 18:00 h
Friday 15:00 – 17:00 h
Saturday 10:00 – 12:00 h

Some restaurants offer Wi-Fi for their guests – please feel free to ask. 


Nice to have you here!

The centre of Miltenberg mainly represents the architecture and the plannings of the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Era. Unfortunately the cobblestones are more suitable for carts than for wheelchairs. When the houses were built, people considered the narrow valley and the frequent floods, which made it sensible to use stairs. But nevertheless, people with physical disabilities can still enjoy their stay here, even if they may need some help here and there.

We know that disabilities and the resulting impairments are equally diverse and personal as the people affected. Unfortunately, a page like this can never cater for such a variety. The focus is thus on visual impairments and walking disabilities.

Further tips and assistance can be found on the website of our colleagues at the Geo-Nature Park Bergstraße-Odenwald.

By train: The railway station in Miltenberg has lifts for people with walking impairments. 

Some of the scheduled buses are wheelchair accessible. The stops will be called out on request.
If you have any questions please feel free to call the bus companies Ehrlich (+49(0)9371-6005) or Hauck (+49(0)6022-7051) on the phone.

Disabled parking in Miltenberg:

  • At the Engelplatz, opposite the greengrocer’s Ludwig
  • At the parking area “Mainbrücke”, in front of the barrier
  • In front of the parking area “Pfarrkirche” at the landing of the round-trip boats
  • At the parish curch between Market Square and Mainstraße
  • In the Gartenstraße, at the back of the parking deck „Altstadt“
  • In the Jahnstraße, inside the parking deck „Altstadt“ (subject to charge)
  • In the Steingässerstraße, in front of the Landratsamt
  • In the Winterheltstraße, in front of the AOK health insurance
  • In the Jahnstraße in front of the parking space at the public swimming pool
  • In the Friedhofstraße in front of the main entrance to the cemetery.

Disabled parking in Bürgstadt:

  • Josef-Ullrich-Straße
  • Große Maingasse, in front of the town hall
  • Streckfuß, in front of the church
  • Streckfuß, opposite the Raiffeisenbank

Disabled parking in Kleinheubach:

  • Friedenstraße, in front of the town hall
  • Am Felsenkeller, in front of the cemetery

Disability transportation services:
Die Johanniter: Tel. +49(0)9371–952625
Bavarian Red Cross: Tel. +49(0)6022-6181442

The tourist information, where we are, unfortunately has only limited accessibility for wheelchairs. During the town hall’s opening hours you can enter the building through the rear entrance, go out through the main entrance where you will find us in the porch. If you have a mobile phone you are welcome to give us a brief call, if possible we will come outside or open the rear entrance for you, if the town hall is not open.

There are the following banks in Miltenberg:

  • Raiffeisen-Volksbank: The head office in the north part of town (opposite the station) and the branch in the Luitpoldstraße are wheelchair accessible.
  • Sparkasse: The head office in the Mainstraße is wheechair accessible if you use the entrance in the yard (the yard is accessible via Ankergasse or Hauptstraße).
  • The branch office of the Deutsche Post (Postbank) is in the Brückenstraße, near the railway station and it is wheelchair accessible as there are no steps.

Banks in Bürgstadt:

  • Sparkasse: The branch in the Hauptstraße 1 is opposite the Churfrankenvinothek and has no steps, making it wheelchair accessible.

A representation of the association VdK Bayern, a member of the European Disability Forum, is in the yard behind the head office of the Sparkasse in Miltenberg.

All public toilets have one wheelchair accessible stall. Except for the one at the parking deck “Altstadt” they are all open every day from 6 am to 10 pm. The toilet at the parking deck is always open; a special key (“Euro key”) is required for the accessible stall.

In addition there is a wheelchair accessible toilet in the town hall, which is avilable during the opening hours of the town hall (the rear entrance in the Untere Walldürner Straße is accessible).

Only the Restaurant and Hotel Landhaus Adler in Bürgstadt is both wheelchair accessible and with a certificate of the association VdK (member of the European Disability Forum).

Entrances and toilets that can be reached with a lift or are at ground-level can be found in the Café Hench (in Miltenberg) and in the Gasthaus Centgraf in Bürgstadt. In the Kalt-Loch Bräustüble both the entrance and the ladies’ room are accessible without any stairs, the men’s room has only one step.

In all restaurants the service staff will be equally happy to help, like for example by reading the menus for you if your vision is limited.

Most of our guided tours are also suitable for wheelchair users. The cobblestones may be bumpy and taxing but not a real obstacle. There are no stairs or steps. If you are visually impaired the pleasure may be limited, as there is a lot to see. If you are hearing impaired, you can book a sign language interpreter (German sign language). 

The boat tours on the Main river are also suitable for wheelchair users. Although the valley of the river Main is absolutely worth seeing, the boat tours also appeal to all other senses.

The indoor and outdoor swimming pools in Miltenberg and Bürgstadt are also wheelchair accessible. If you are visually impaired you may perhaps need some assistance for the orientation in the area of the changing rooms, lockers and showers.

The area of the Michaelismesse (“Saint Michael’s Fair”) is wheelchair accessible (including exhibition tent and beer tent). Only some individual stands can perhaps cause some difficulties.

For the of the old part of the town with the pedestrian area and the shops the same information applies as to the guided tours: The cobblestones may cause some inconvenience but are no real obstacle. Most shops have one or two steps for which you may need some assistance. However, the entrances and the interior of some shops may be a bit narrow for wheelchairs or walking frames. Usually the sales persons will come outside and help whenever they notice a wheelchair user in front of the shop looking like he or she would like to buy something.

All traffic lights have dropped kerbs. 

The palace garden in Kleinheubach is accessible and even, so this English-style park is quite inviting if you want a leisurely stroll. 

Along the Main river and its tributaries Erf and Mud you will go on tarmacked combined bike and foot paths without any rises, falls or obstacles.

In the forests of the nature park Odenwald and Spessart the foot paths are mainly gravelled or in their natural state, uneven and sometimes narrow. In addition there are rises and falls, some of which can be quite steep. However, the gravelled paths can be used by sporty wheelchair users.

Unfortunately there are no tactile or audible way markings, but if you can find your way using other features, or if you are accompanied by someone who can see well, you will be able to enjoy a multitude of sounds and smells and forget about all troubles.

If you want to go on a small trip to the surroundings, you will find some additional information on the websites of our colleagues of Spessart-Mainland (page is in German only) and of the Geo-Nature Park Odenwald.

Unfortunately the Museum Stadt Miltenberg is not wheelchair accessible because there are many stairs inside, leading to the various levels. If you are visually impaired and understand German you may enjoy a number of interesting acoustic images. An audio-guide is also available in English and a few exhibits can be touched.

The opposite applies to the Museum Burg Miltenberg: It is accessible for people using wheelchairs or walking frames, there is a lift leading to all levels. On the other hand the exhibits are paintings, drawings and sculptures which require eyesight.

In the Museum Bürgstadt there are a ramp and and a lift.

If you are interested in an event in the Old Town Hall of Miltenberg, you can reach the hall in the ground floor without having to climb any stairs. If the event takes place in the “Bürgersaal” on the upper level, you can call the STADTKULTUR (cultural office – Tel. +49(0)9371-404156) during their office hours in the week before the event to ensure you can enter through the ground floor. There is a lift going from the ground floor to the first floor (and to the mezzanine floor in between with the toilets). If you are visually impaired, you may need someone to help you find your way.

The cinema „Schlosstheater“ is not wheelchair accessible, you need to go upstairs. If you are visually or hearing impaired, you can easily get inside, however, the films are only shown without subheadings for the hearing impaired or audible descriptions for the visually impaired. And they are usually in a synchronised, German version.

The Churfrankenvinothek in Bürgstadt is wheelchair accessible. If you are visually impaired the staff will be happy to assist you.

St. Martin’s Chapel in Bürgstadt can be entered by wheelchair users who have someone to help them get over one single step. The impressive murals, however, are worth seeing.

The ruin of the Centgrafenkapelle (Hundred Man’s Chapel) in Bürgstadt is in the forest but can be reached by sporty wheelchair users.

In the monastery Kloster Engelberg in Großheubach the inn, church and meditation garden are wheelchair accessible (a stairlift leads up to the inn).