Hiking along the rolling hills of the Wannenberg
Starting point is the hikers’ parking lot, called „Stutz “, situated above Bürgstadt. Walk along the European Culture Trail and choose one of the two different loops (one with 3km/1.8mi, the other 10km/6.25mi), both highlighting the cultural landmarks of Bürgstadt.
Make sure you follow the yellow L on a brown background as a trail sign. The shorter trail (3km/1.8mi) proceeds downhill to the City Hall of Bürgstadt, the Old Parish Church, and the outstanding and exceptional Martin’s Chapel with its unique ornamental wall paintings inside, and then returns uphill to the hikers’ parking lot “Stutz”. Up there you have a marvelous view onto Bürgstadt and the Main River Valley.
If you want to take the longer trail of about 10km/6.25mi, you need to hike upwards from the hikers’ parking lot and walk around the Wannenberg. Hiking northwards, first you reach the Stutz-Chapel. The marked path will guide hikers farther towards the quarries, where tall red sandstone pillars, so-called Heunesteine were quarried during the Middle Ages; farther along, you reach a reconstructed archeological gate of a ring wall dating back to the Urnfield Period (1200-700 BC). Some archeological findings along the ring wall date as far back as the Neolithic Age (about 3000BC).
On your way back you pass the Centgrafen-Chapel which has never been finished due to the 30-year-war. Then you hike through the vineyards of Bürgstadt along the Centgrafen hill and reach the parking lot, or walk back to Bürgstadt.
Plenty of stunning viewpoints onto the Main River Valley, the Erf Creek Valley and the surrounding hills of the Odenwald will enhance your tour.


Museum Bürgstadt
Background information on topics like viticulture, stone industry, accepting expellees after 1945, baroque composer Johann Michael Breunig, and general Bürgstadt history are available by QR codes.
Tel. 09371-97380
Martin Chapel with its famous paintings.
The key to enter the chapel can be picked up right next door at the gardening shop Klein, or at the Churfrankenvinothek.
Tel. 09371-97380