Starting at the Engelplatz, walk downhill through the Ziegelgasse, and then farther on, crossing the Main River bridge. Having crossed, turn to your right in front of the Landratsamt, and follow the sign „Fränkischer Rotwein Wanderweg“, until you are beneath the Maria Hilf Chapel.
The path leads you first along the Main River, then up to the Martin Bridge, passing the residential area of Miltenberg North, and a bit later, after crossing the bypass, uphill through the forest and some vineyards. Beneath the Maria Hilf Chapel (signboard), you leave the “Fränkischer Rotwein Wanderweg” and follow the sign “Marienwanderweg” („Virgin Mary hiking trail“) until you reach the Engelberg Monastery. The path takes you up some steps to the chapel, and afterwards through the forest right to the Engelberg Monastery. From there you have an outstanding view onto the Main River and the valleys of the Odenwald.
On your way back, follow the sign „blaue Raute“(a blue diamond) until you reach Kleinheubach. This path either leads down 612 steps, or along some serpentines towards Großheubach, and then across the Main River Bridge to Kleinheubach, which you leave as soon as the sidewalk descends to your right-hand side. When reaching the bottom, walk around the fire station, and take a right turn to “Im Steiner”. At your first chance to turn left walk towards the Castle gardens which also have a winery. After having strolled through the gardens and passing the Kleinheubach Castle, you meet the sign post of the Limeswanderweg (Limesturm (tower), black), and follow it towards Miltenberg.
Next to the tavern „Parkhof“, you can find Roman and Medieval construction remains of a Roman Fort. From here, you keep on following the signpost Limeswanderweg, all the way back to Miltenberg. Soon you will cross some rail tracks, and then turn left; walk along some allotment gardens towards the River Mud Bridge, passing the Laurentius Chapel and Cemetery, as well as the Mainzer Tor (Old Gate facing Mainz) heading to the Old Town. After a while, you will see an old ruin gate to your left (Schwertfeger Tor= Swordsmith’s Gate), and at the fork, take a right, entering the so called Schwarzviertel (black quarter) which leads you to the Market Place. Keep following the pedestrian road and you will get back to the Engelplatz.