Trail M2 starts at the Lutheran Church (crossing Burgweg / Obere Walldürner Straße). Walk along the city park and the old city wall (on the right-hand side the Old Jewish Cemetery) towards the Mildenburg.

Wait for the outstanding views onto the medieval half-timbered town along the way. In the forest, you reach the Schnatterloch-Ravine with the old stone gate, and there you turn left. Walk uphill following the ravine straight on, then upward through the Felsenmeer (sea of rocks) until you reach the gravel path at the Ottostein, where you need to turn right.

Reaching the first mouth of the path, keep to your left, and then follow the trail for some kilometers (miles) along a stretched passage through the forest, past numerous kinds of trees of different ages. Leaving the forest, you will pass the Schützenhaus. From there you have easy access to the Obere Walldürner Straße again, leading you back downhill toward the Lutheran Church.

Before ascending at the old stone gate, it is actually worth taking a side trip, and paying the Museum Burg Miltenberg inside the Mildenburg Castle (about 200 m distance) a visit. You will find an enthralling dialogue within old castle walls from Icons to contemporary art, and one of the most absorbing views onto Miltenberg.
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