The M3 trail also starts at the Lutheran Church (crossing Burgweg / Obere Walldürner Straße). Walk along the city park and the old city wall towards the Mildenburg Castle. (On the right-hand side below, you see the Old Jewish Cemetery)
In the forest, you will reach the Schnatterloch-Ravine with the old stone gate, and there you turn left. Walk uphill, straight along the ravine, upward through the Felsenmeer (sea of rocks) until you reach the gravel path at the Ottostein, where you need to turn right. Hike uphill gradually, walking (partly) around the Greinberg.
Having reached the top, leave the ringfort to your left, and follow the M3 trail, meandering for a couple of kilometers (miles) between the “Haagsaussicht” (a platform with stunning views) and the “Schützenhaus” (restaurant), until it connects to the “Wenschdorfer Steige”. There you turn left and walk downhill. This path connects with the “Obere Walldürner Straße” and takes you back down to the Lutheran Church.