The circular trail starts at the parking area Schützenhaus in Kleinheubach, where you follow the trail sign Limesturm (Limeswanderweg) along the edge of the forest uphill, not downhill. Before the trail leads into the forest, you have breath-taking views onto the Main River Valley and the Engelberg Monastery.
Farther on, your path overlaps with part of an educational nature trail, where you find several display boards giving information on flora and fauna in this forest. A little later, on the right-hand side, you find the walls of a Jewish Cemetery, laid out in 1730. (Entrance gate to your right, around the corner) If you plan a closer look, make sure to pick up the gate key beforehand at the town hall Kleinheubach. (Please check the opening hours)
After another 500 m / 550 yards, the trail sign Limesturm takes you to the resting area Galgen (Gallows) where you find a small shelter, benches, and play equipment for children. Kleinheubach used to be the registered office of the Cent-Tribunal and therefore gallows were erected here in 1561. After 1619, witches were executed at this very spot. One of the original three stone pillars of the gallows is standing to this very day.
From the gallows you now retrace your steps for about 100 m / 110 yards. Look out for the trail posts with the yellow „circled 2”. At the crossing, take a right, and keep following the “2” until quite soon you reach another beautiful resting place by the name “Waldoase (Forest Haven) Kühruh-Brünnle“. Sign “2” takes you farther through the rather diverse Scheuerbuschwald to a place called Webersruh (with another resting bench). Just a short walk longer, and after about 1 km / 0.6 mi, the circular trail meets the junction with circular trail “3”. (This is a spot, where you can also find an emergency call panel marked MIL-2041.017)
At this point you can now choose a longer or shorter trail version. For the shorter one, follow sign „2“ downhill, until you reach the edge of the forest. There you find the Limeswanderweg again with the trail sign Limesturm. Follow this last stretch back to your starting point. The overall trail length on this route will then only be 5.5 km / 3.4 mi.
For the longer version you take a dogleg to the right, reaching circular trail “3”. After an additional loop of about 2 km / 1.6 mi, and an elevation gain of 100 m, it takes you back downhill, where you join circular trail “2” again, which you follow as described above.