Youth Trail Bürgstadt

Sandsteinskulptur "Brunhild" am Jugendwanderweg bei Bürgstadt

An Epic Poem set in StoneArt, history, and fiction are inseparably combined along the Nibelungensteig (Nibelung Hiking Trail) near Bürgstadt. As of recently, visitors of this long-distance trail can not only follow historic traces, but at the same time admire numerous sandstone sculptures, which seem to have sprouted up directly from the sagas around dragon […]

Scheuerbusch-Loop – Kleinheubach 7.4 km / 4.6 mi – medium difficulty

Hölzerne Wegweiser an der Wanderung "Scheuerbusch-Runde" bei Kleinheubach

The circular trail starts at the parking area Schützenhaus in Kleinheubach, where you follow the trail sign Limesturm (Limeswanderweg) along the edge of the forest uphill, not downhill. Before the trail leads into the forest, you have breath-taking views onto the Main River Valley and the Engelberg Monastery.Farther on, your path overlaps with part of […]

Hiking to the monastery Kloster Engelberg 12.7 km / 7.9 mi – medium difficulty

Kreuzweg im Wald auf dem Weg von Miltenberg zum Kloster Engelberg in Großheubach

Starting at the Engelplatz, walk downhill through the Ziegelgasse, and then farther on, crossing the Main River bridge. Having crossed, turn to your right in front of the Landratsamt, and follow the sign „Fränkischer Rotwein Wanderweg“, until you are beneath the Maria Hilf Chapel.The path leads you first along the Main River, then up to […]

3 in the Forest

Markierung für den NaturBarfußpfad der 3 im Wald bei Miltenberg

The Natural Barefoot Path consists of two legs (each about 200 m / 219 yd long). Starting at the Schnatterloch bridge, the first leg will take you to the picnic area, the second to the Ottostein. The path is a pristine forest trail with small gravel, cones, leaves, soil, and all other features nature has […]

M3 Greinberg-Trail 9.9 km / 6.2 mi – medium difficulty

Ruhebank an den Wiesen und Feldern bei Wenschdorf

The M3 trail also starts at the Lutheran Church (crossing Burgweg / Obere Walldürner Straße). Walk along the city park and the old city wall towards the Mildenburg Castle. (On the right-hand side below, you see the Old Jewish Cemetery)In the forest, you will reach the Schnatterloch-Ravine with the old stone gate, and there you […]

M2 Ottostein-Path 6.8 km / 4.2 mi – medium difficulty

Wandermarkierungen an einem Baum an Limeswanderweg und M3

Trail M2 starts at the Lutheran Church (crossing Burgweg / Obere Walldürner Straße). Walk along the city park and the old city wall (on the right-hand side the Old Jewish Cemetery) towards the Mildenburg. Wait for the outstanding views onto the medieval half-timbered town along the way. In the forest, you reach the Schnatterloch-Ravine with […]