Adrenaline Rush

Thrill seekers, too, will find a range of extraordinary activities in DREI AM MAIN. On land, in the air or on the water – exciting experiences can guarantee surges of adrenaline!


Diversion Akazientrail 
The diversion is marked: New routing on Outdooractive

Freerides, Trails & other special features: Discover the mountain bike routes in Miltenberg and Bürgstadt. 

Athletic teenagers and adults who are fond of mountain biking will find exciting and challenging mountain bike trails

Our local mountain bikers created the popular paths themselves with much attention to detail. The trail near Bürgstadt has a “medium” level of difficulty, which means almost every one can master it, yet it is varied and interesting. The trail above Miltenberg has a “high” level of difficulty and ist thus clearly more challenging and only suitable for experienced mountain bikers. 

Mountainbike Miltenberg

Freerides, Trails & other special features

Gear up to come down? Accepting a bigger challenge to find yourself while doing your sport, thereby forgetting the daily grind for a few hours – that is only possible when you ride your mountain bike.
See for yourself! You will find some impressions of the Tobi Trail in the drone video of xFlight.

Trails in DREI AM MAIN – in a nutshell:
Mountainbike-Trail Mil 1
Having “just” 828 meters difference in altitude it is a real “whopper”, as it is difficult, both technically and in terms of fitness. Mil1 offers steep, narrow, twisting downhills, including some smaller drops. And then, it is also a fun trail with a small berm, nice waves and smart slaloms between the trees. 

Mountainbike-Trail Bü 1
Really varied – medium level of difficulty, about 26 kilometres around the wine town Bürgstadt. Mainly on paved paths, 622 metres difference in altitude. 

One of our local bike rentals also offers a tandem mountain bike. 


The climbing wall, which is part of the former quarry Stadtprozelten, connects all aspects of climbing and red sandstone. The motto “In Touch with Sandstone” is transferred directly into a sportive activity. Different levels of climbing are offered to beginners as well as more experienced climbers and provide challenging sportive opportunities.

Klettern im Steinbruch
Hauptstraße 41
97909 Stadtprozelten
Tel. +49(0)9392-9847222


Please be aware that there are nature protection periods and climbing is prohibited during the close season from 1st January to 31st July.

Air Sports

Seeing the world from above – what a thrill!
See the Spessart and Odenwald forests and the Main river from a brand new perspective during a motor powered flight or when skydiving.

Flugsportclub Miltenberg e.V.
Flugplatz 3, Mainbullau
63883 Miltenberg
Tel. +49(0)9371–3363


Rundflüge mit dem Tragschrauber
auch ab Mainbullau
Dennis Hübscher
Burgweg 38 a
63796 Kahl
Tel. +49(0)176-82429838


Lilienthal-Gleiter Unterfranken e. V.
Association for paragliding and hang gliding, tandem flights are also available.
Launch pad Wannenberg in Bürgstadt
Contact: Rudolf Heißig
Tel. +49(0)157- 38161937

Tandem flights for passengers:
Klaus Lang
Tel. +49(0)178-1983824


Water Sports

Yacht-Club Miltenberg e.V.
Touring on the water, motor boat sports, sailing, water skiing, wakeboards, mooring your boat for the season, as a guest or laying up, a slip and many other offers and facilities.
Tel. +49(0)9371-6607012


Bootsportfreunde Bürgstadt e.V.

Sailing, water skiing space of 1.5 km length, slip and mooring facility for pleasure crafts – open May to October. 

The key for the slip is available in the restaurant Centgraf (a fee and a deposit are charged)

Sebastian Wünsch
Tel. +49(0)9371-80133


Canoe Trekking 

Canoe trekking on the Main river following the „Gelbe Welle“ (“Yellow Wave”)