Activities for Families with Children

Happy children and relaxed parents – that is your family holiday in DREI AM MAIN.

The holiday is a very special time for all families. A successful family holiday is fun for everyone and lets you forget your daily grind. Here in DREI AM MAIN all people, young and young-at-heart, can be active, go on outings, do sports, discover new places and get to know the holiday region a little better. In addition to all those recreational facilities open for families, there are also special events, providing for a lot of fun during your holiday

On this page we have put together the most important tips how to turn you family holiday into a real event. Feel free to browse this page and plan your personal schedule. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

You can find events suitable for children in our event calendar

If you visit us during the Bavarian summer holidays (1st August to 12th Septemberg 2022) you can also book some of the offers in the „Ferienpass“ with countless activities for Kids of all ages. Most of these offers, however, require a certain amount of German and some offers must be booked in advance. 

Fresh air, singing birds, sunshine – or a warm summer rain. What could be better!

There are numerous opportunities for activities for outdoorsy people. Nature around Odenwald, Spessart and Main River offer a varied programme for you and your children. Below is a selection of suitable activities


Familie beim Wandern genießt die Aussicht über Miltenberg und Bürgstadt

Surrounded by forests and vineyards our three towns offer marvellous starting points for hikes and walks in our gorgeous nature. In Miltenberg and Bürgstadt there are special hiking highlights for children, like “3 in the Forest” or the “Youth Trail”. introduced in Activities – Hiking (select the filter “hiking with children).

Wooden Marble Run

The wooden marble run in Miltenberg’s city park is 200 metres (219 yd) long and starts at the Graubergstraße. Eight segments of various length let you run your marbles in a race – whose marble is the first to reach the backstop? The wooden marbles pass many an obstacle or chicane, before falling into the carved wooden sculptures like squirrel, goose or flower. As the tracks are made from local wood of natural finish, small splinters are inevitable. 

The coloured wooden marbles cost 2,- € and are available at a vending machine (2-Euro-coin required) in the park above the stairs down to the pedestrian area, in the Tourist-Information at the Engelplatz or in selected shops (fashion store “Mode Oehmann”, savings bank “Sparkasse”, bookstore “Casa Rossa”, kids’ fashion store “Tragbar” and beekeeper “Altstadt-Imkerei”). 

There is no time-limit to running your marbles. Just buy one and play as long as you want. What’s best: You can keep the marble afterwards!
Be it little kids, school children or a visit with grandma and grandpa – the open air marble run in Miltenberg’s city park is a perfect place for your family trip. 

Biking, Skating and Inline-Skating

Inline-Skater auf einem Radweg bei Bürgstadt

The bike paths, especially along the river Main and its tributaries Erf and Mud, are well developed, have no significant incline and pass most beautiful landscapes and cozy villages. This makes them well suitable for children and they can also be used with roller skates and inline skates

Other Outdoor Activities

Spaß an der Wasserrutsche im Freibad "Erftalbad" in Bürgstadt

Being right on the banks of the river Main, activities on the water are the natural thing to do. Choose between the local swimming pools or a relaxed boat tour on the river – be it on your own in a rented motor or pedal boat or a comfortable boat tour with ship owner Reederei Henneberger. In addition there are numerous other outdoor offers, like miniature golf or tennis. 

Find an overview on all these offers on “leisure activities”


Spielplatz am Waldrand bei Kleinheubach

Of course you will find many carefully designed playgrounds, where the little ones can have a good romp. These playgrounds are marked with a green dot on our map.  


  • On the river banks, next to the miniature golf course
  • in the city park
  • between the Manggasse and the Spitalgasse (side alleys of the pedestrian area)
  • Von-Stein-Straße (northern part of Miltenberg, near kindergarden Maria-Hilf)
  • Schönbornring (northern part of Miltenberg, residential area near secondary school)
  • in den Fomeläckern (residential area in the eastern part of town)
  • Lassallestraße (western part of Miltenberg)
  • Breitendiel
  • Mainbullau
  • Schippach
  • Wenschdorf


  • On the river banks, near the undercrossing  at the lower end of Große Maingasse
  • at the foot path between Trieb and Mozartstraße
  • Am Lindenbaum (near the school)
  • Odenwaldstraße


  • An den Engern (near the sports ground)
  • At the railway station/Bahnhofstraße
  • Am Felsenkeller
  • Bayernstraße
  • Pfarrer-Frömel-Ring (near the shopping centre)

For Teens

Teenagers of course have other interests than school starters or preschool children. This means, they also want other leisure activities. So, in addition to the activities listed above, like the Youth Hiking Trail, a visit to the swimming pool or a boat tour, teenagers may be interested in our “adrenaline” offers. Be it action packed mountainbike trails, parachute drops of lots of fun waterskiing or wakeboarding – land, air or water: the adrenaline rush is guaranteed!


There is a lot to do and see in DREI AM MAIN. Yet, sometimes you feel like an outing into the regional destinations. There you will also find numerous offers for the whole family, ranging from zoos to climbing parks, from shopping centres and moated castles to an open air museum or a stalactite cave. 


Public toilets are:

In Miltenberg:

  • at the bus stop Klostergarten (near  the bridge across the river Main),
  • opposite the coach parking area Jahnstraße (at the entrance to the car parking ramp Altstadt) and
  • at the coach parking area Pfarrkirche.

Accessible toilets and baby change facilities are available at the bus stop Klostergarten and the coach parking area Pfarrkirche. The accessible toilet at the parking ramp Altstadt requires a Euro Key. 

One of these toilets can always be reached in less than five minutes. If you are in a real hurry, many shops have a sticker “Nette Toilette”, which means they will let you use their restrooms. 

Most restaurants will also let your children use their washrooms, but would appreciate a small financial contribution to the cleaning. 

In Bürgstadt:
Public toilets are available in the Josef-Ullrich-Straße, opposite the lower end of the Große Maingasse.