Explore our Nature on Foot

Surrounded by forests and vineyards, our region is a wonderful starting point for hikes and walks through lovely nature. We present some of our routes here, but you can find even more recommendations on our hiking maps available at the tourist information.

Our Hiking Highlights

In the Odenwald as well as in the Spessart, you will find hundreds of worthwhile hiking tours. To help you select where to go, we have compiled some outstanding scenic routes around Miltenberg, Bürgstadt, and Kleinheubach.

Due to the ongoing drought, the risk of wildfires in the forests and meadows of Odenwald and Spessart is high! Please refrain from smoking or lighting any other kind of fire when you are outdoors!

For everyone with good manners, it goes without saying that you do not leave behind any kind of garbage in any kind of weather – and currently this refers especially to all types of glass or tins/cans which may have the same effect as a burning glass. 

Please do not park any motorized vehicles on dry grass as the hot catalytic converters or exhaust pipes may light it. Please park your vehicle in such a way that fire fighters and rescue vehicles always have enough space to pass you by. 


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