Places of Culinary Delight

We spell Delight with a capital D!
As a sub-program to celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Free State of Bavaria, a competition throughout Bavaria was conducted, called the “100 Places of Culinary Delight in Bavaria”, where exceptional locations with incomparable culinary traditions were sought. This competition was a vital component of the agricultural department to encourage all citizens to buy upmarket Bavarian specialties.

300 villages, cities and communities applied to get their hands on this culinary award and had to go through two rounds of interviews and tests. An independent jury, consisting of representatives of gastronomy, tourism, agriculture, culture, church, consumer protection and media, handpicked Bürgstadt and Miltenberg to become two of the 100 Places of Culinary Delight in Bavaria.
“In your region, local specialties, skilled craftmanship, and living to relish complement each other in an exemplary matter “, said agriculture minister, Michaela Kaniber, in her official speech. The winners are meant to become valuable role models and ideal ambassadors of Bavaria’s culture to not only really indulge but to show its savoir vivre.

A culinary guide to enjoyment describes all places of delight at length and emphasizes on regional distinctions. For more information on the “100 Places of Culinary Delight in Bavaria”, check out:  www.100Genussorte.Bayern

Miltenberg - a Place of Culinary Delight

In the Churfranken-Metropolis Miltenberg, you can easily visit three different sommeliers (beer, bread, and coffee), all located within a walking distance, situated in the oldest quarter of Miltenberg, stretching from the historic Schwarzviertel to the Schnatterloch.

We make the real treat come alive: Aside from guided brewery event tours, you also get the special opportunity to brew your own beer. Beers from the brewery’s range of products are offered in the Oldest Royal Guesthouse of Germany, “The Riesen”, where you can nip different kinds of beer (0,1l) to indulge in the variety.

Furthermore, you cannot only experience a “hands-on” bread baking course and see how our crafty bread making is perfected, but you can also learn some details about this craftmanship together with a bread sommelier from Churfranken. With every outstanding bread sample, you experience how different kinds of bread can diversify the taste of wine or beer.

Our coffee sommelier might even give away some secrets about serving coffee and espresso, but also tell you what constitutes great coffee. 

The catering and hotel industry makes an essential contribution to the appeal of our region and to the high quality of life in Miltenberg, and therefore is a vital part of public life in our city of culinary delight.

Whenever you visit the half-timbered city on the Main River, you will be nearly knocked out over this whole world of delicacies.

Bürgstadt - a Place of Culinary Delight

The Franconian Red Wine Metropolis Bürgstadt stands for a very typical local delicacy, the “Churfranken Pinot Noir”. This prominent “Churfranken Pinot Noir” originates from the local Red Sandstone, is handpicked and mash fermented. Extensive storage in small wooden barrels adds to the magic spell of our much trumpeted “Börscheder”.

In our traditional “Häckerwirtschaften” (vine taverns) the most typical delicacies from our region are served, such as “Vintners’ Bread Sticks”, “Vintners’ Crispbreads”, Bratwursts, Homemade Sausages, Pork-Sausage Rings, and Goat Cheese.

In addition to our eleven vintners, two butcher shops and three bakeries create top-notch regional and culinary products, conveying the sensation of feeling at home. All our communal enterprises are characterized by their exquisite craftmanship, their local roots, and how they single out domestic raw materials, e.g. veal, and other high-value products like our so-called Abbey’s Loaf, Veal Sausage, Wild Boar Sausage, and Homemade Headcheese.

If you are intrigued with wine, come here and get to know more about it; from growing and harvesting to producing the perfect wine. Take a walk along the Franconian Red Wine Trail accompanied by our local wine adventure guides and complete your tour with a wine tasting experience in the heart of our small town. Numerous events like little fairs and churchyard concerts mark out Bürgstadt as an outstanding, adventure-oriented place of culinary delight.

Gastronomy in Bürgstadt stands for meeting people and having pleasurable experiences. Our caterers, vintners, fine culinary hosts, and craftsmen created a place where you not only feel as snug as a bug, but where people enjoy coming together, almost cherishing the place like a sanctuary, thriving on shaping a lifetime around family and friends, feeling truly at home, and thoroughly appreciating life.

Culinary Venues

In our Bavarian culinary places Miltenberg and Bürgstadt, all connoisseurs will find what their hearts desire: from traditional guesthouses serving local dishes, to Häckerwirtschaften (vintners’ taverns) serving local wines and specialties, from cozy and comfy cafes to fine dining: you will be in for a treat!

For further information about our local culinary events, check out the pages Restaurants and Wine & Vintners

If you think that our gastronomy is already multifarious, you better not miss the shopping adventures, offered in our cozy shops in the car free city center, which radiate an amicable ambiance.

Most of our culinary venues, direct marketers, artisan butchers and bakers offer exclusive gift hampers, souvenirs, and precious ingredients for your next meal. Surely your loved ones would appreciate a personal keepsake, especially a culinary delicacy, from the region you visited personally.

Share your fond memories of culinary delights and pleasures you made while visiting DREI AM MAIN, by taking some of them back home with you! Our culinary vendors would love to help you choose the perfect gift.

Here we have composed a list of some of our culinary venues: