Leisure Activities

Our region offers a vast variety of activities for your leisure time, whatever the weather might be:

Boat Tours & Boat Rental

Care for another perspective?

Why not look at Miltenberg, Bürgstadt, and Kleinheubach while travelling on the River Main? It is really worth it! No matter what the weather looks like: when the sun tickles you, enjoy the fresh wind on deck (please do not forget  to put on some sunscreen!) or, if it is raining, relax with a warm or cool drink and a piece of cake inside the boat while watching how raindrops paint their own patterns on the windows, becoming a kaleidoscope. A trip by boat will offer a new and very special view on our River Main Valley and will surely lift you up!

For the latest information on the boat tours contact the ship owner “Reederei Henneberger” directly. 

During our winter months, boat trips only take place when ordered in advance. Given there is some extra space, the captain will also take some single travellers on board.

Infos & Booking
Reederei Henneberger
Veitshöchheimer Personenschifffahrt GmbH
63897 Miltenberg
Tel. +49(0)9371-3330 


Boat Rental

A little joyride on the River Main is a great opportunity to get to know the region. Small boats with an outboard engine can be rented.

Opening hours (fair weather only):
July to August
Monday to Friday 1:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
In the morning by appointment
April to June and in September
Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Monday to Friday by appointment

Motorboat 19,- € for 30 minutes, 29,- € for 60 minutes
Pedal boat and rowing boat 5,- € for 30 minutes, 9,- € for 60 minutes
Please book in advance

Dieter Fürst
Steingässerstraße 50
63897 Miltenberg
Tel. +49(0)171-6970656 or +49(0)9371-1507

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Swimming Pool & Sauna

Splashing around, swimming, enjoying the massage jets, or basking in the sun…
Public pools are enjoyed by all age groups. Small children will have just as much fun as teenagers, and adults, too, can be sportive or relax.

The indoor and outdoor pool in Miltenberg is open all year round. Enjoy the numerous facilities! A multi-purpose pool, an all-year heated pool, an outdoor pool, indoor and outdoor paddling pools, saunas, play areas: Time will fly by!
Take advantage of all the extra opportunities, like gastronomy, solaria, the large sauna area with different types of saunas, a steam bath, etc.

Hallenfreibad Miltenberg
Jahnstr. 15
63897 Miltenberg
Tel. +49(0)9371-404 700


In Bürgstadt the outdoor pool entices water lovers with several pools, a long water slide, upstream swimming and more. 

Opening hours:
Mid-May to mid-September
Monday 10:00 am – 08:00 pm
Tuesday to Sunday 09:00 am – 08:00 pm

In adverse weather conditions the opening hours differ. Please check the notice board or give a call.

Erfstraße 33
63927 Bürgstadt
Tel. +49(0)9371-404750


You can also find a sauna in the tennis hall of Gasthof Centgraf, Bürgstadt
Tel. +49(0)9371-2129 

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Canoe, Kayak & Stand Up Paddling

Travelers on water and Stand-Up Paddlers can rent canoes, kayaks, or stand-up paddling boards.

Monday to Friday 10:00 am – 04:00 pm
Transport of equipment:
Monday to Sunday 08:00 am – 06:00 pm

Kanuverleih Main-Tauber
Tel. +49 (0) 171 695 8246


Regardless of whether you are in your own canoe or kayak, or if it was rented; when you are canoe tripping, it is good to know where landing is welcome and feasible. Look out for the “Gelbe Welle” (Yellow Wave).


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Treat yourself to some family fun during the holidays- right on the banks of the River Main, you will find a miniature golf course next to a playground for the youngest. At the booth you not only get minigolf clubs and balls, but also cool beverages and some dishes which you can enjoy right there on a nice and sunny porch.

Opening hours:
April, May and September from 12:00 
June, July and August from 11:00 am
On Sundays and public holidays it opens one hour earlier. If it rains it remains closed. In Mach and October, the opening hours depend on the weather. 

Mrs. Bettina Roie
Tel. +49(0)178-8162724

In the vicinity, you can also find some exciting and varied golf courses for all golf lovers: no matter if younger or older, beginner or advanced!

Golfclub Miltenberg-Erftal e.V. (ca. 14 km)
63928 Eichenbühl-Guggenberg
Tel. +49(0)9378-789

info@golfclub-erftal.de or  info@golfclub-miltenberg.de 

Golf Club Glashofen-Neusaß e.V. (ca. 17 km)
Mühlweg 7
74731 Walldürn-Neusaß
Tel. +49(0)6282-7383


Golfclub Gut Sansenhof e. V. (ca. 17 km)

63916 Amorbach-Sansenhof
Tel. +49(0)9373-4503


Golfpark Rosenhof (ca. 32 km)

Rosenhof 1
63843 Niedernberg
Tel. +49(0)6026-9771390


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Nine-pin and ten-pin Bowling

These are two fun sports which have forever been enjoyed by all age groups. If the weather is unkind, you and your family can come here and have an active fun day.

Gasthof Centgraf – Bürgstadt
3 bowling alleys
Family Elbert
Josef-Ullrich-Straße 11
63927 Bürgstadt
Tel. +49(0)9371-2129


Every day from 11:30 am,
Closed on Wednesdays, On Thursdays open from 05:00 pm 
Feel free to book your festivity 

Erftal-Bowling – Bürgstadt
Bistro with 6 bowling alleys
Family Balles
Mühlweg 24
63927 Bürgstadt
Tel. +49(0)9371-67252


Monday to Friday 05:00 pm – 00:00 h
Saturday 03:00 pm – 00:00 h
Sunday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Closed on Tuesdays
On public holidays open 02:00 pm – 00:00 h 
Fees on request.

Boules on gravel
 – Bürgstadt
Chair Maurizio Aleo
63927 Bürgstadt
Tel. +49(0)9371-668710
by appointment

Gasthof „Anker“
– Miltenberg
1 fully automated bowling alley
Hauptstr. 31
63897 Miltenberg
Tel. +49(0)9371-2424 


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Tennis, Squash & Badminton

Indoor tennis centre with squash courts – Bürgstadt
Indoor court: daily 08:00 am – 00:00 h, granule-filled carpet 
In winter from 10,- €/hour, In summer from 7,50 €/hour, discount on 10-visit-passes.
Squash court daily 08:00 am – 11:00 pm, in summer from 8,50 €, in winter from 9,- €, discount on 10-visit passes, rackets and balls can be rented.

Erfstraße 31
63927 Bürgstadt
Tel. (tennis centre) +49(0)9371-67187

For bookings and time slots:
Hotel Centgraf
Josef-Ullrich-Straße 11
63927 Bürgstadt
Tel. +49(0)9371-2129


Sports Centre  Fleckenweg – Bürgstadt
6 tennis courts, available May to October
Tennisclub Bürgstadt,
Guest cards available at the 
Gasthof Adler
Hauptstraße 30
63927 Bürgstadt
Tel. +49(0)9371-97880


TV Kleinheubach

3 Outdoor courts (sand)
63924 Kleinheubach
Tel. +49(0)9371-4502


Tennis grounds of the Tennisclub „Rot-Weiß“
– Miltenberg
4 Outdoor courts (sand)
Obere Walldürner Str. 84
63897 Miltenberg
Guest cards available in the Tourist Information
Engelplatz 69
63897 Miltenberg
Tel. +49(0)9371-404119 

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Nordic Walking & Natural Running ​

All bicycle and hiking trails around Miltenberg, Bürgstadt and Kleinheubach are also suitable for nordic walking. Dedicated nordic walking trails have been signposted in the forests around Bürgstadt and Kleinheubach.

Several trails have been signposted around the mountain Centgrafenberg.

Three signposted nordic walking trails “Around the Scheuerbusch” in the forest of Kleinheubach


Natural Running
Kurse bietet die Firma Intersport Roth an.
Intersport Roth
In der Seehecke 1
63924 Kleinheubach
Tel. 09371-2191  


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Horseriding & Equestrian Sport

Reitverein Miltenberg und Umgebung e. V.
Am Felsenkeller 25
63924 Kleinheubach
Tel. +49(0)172-6674383


Riding facility Berres
Stabling facilities for trekking horses, livery service
Alexander Berres
Bürgstädter Str. 90
63928 Eichenbühl
Tel. +49(0)9371-69158


Kutsch- und Planwagenfahrten
Tiere, Natur und frische Luft. Familie Dauber und ihre gutmütigen Kaltblutpferde nehmen Sie mit auf eine gemütliche und entspannte Rundtour in unserer Gegend.

Alfred und Andrea Dauber
Tel. 09371-4520 oder 0157-84497851


Holder of fishing licences can obtain angling cards for our region in the following places:

Hubert Zitzler
Mühlweg 3 a
63927 Bürgstadt
Tel. +49(0)9371-5514 or +49(0)175-6026752

Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Kleinheubach (Town Hall Kleinheubach)

Tel. +49(0)9371-97160

Campground “MainCamping”

63897 Miltenberg
Tel. +49(0)9371-3985


Angelzubehör Ballweg (tackle shop)

Eichenbühler Str. 23 a
63897 Miltenberg
Tel. +49(0)9371-650757

Typesetting with Movable Letters

For almost 500 years, from around 1450 to around 1960, movable type was composed by hand using metal sorts. 

Fast 500 Jahre lang, von der Mitte des 15. Jahrhunderts bis in die 60er Jahre des 20. Jahrhunderts, erstellte man den Schriftsatz größtenteils mit Metalllettern und vervielfältigte ihn im Buchdruck. Computertechnik und Hochleistungsdruckmaschinen ließen diesen Berufszweig in Vergessenheit geraten. Die Deutsche UNESCO-Kommission hat dieses Handwerk hingegen in das bundesweite Verzeichnis des Immateriellen Kulturerbes mit aufgenommen. 

Durch einen Besuch bei Versalo erhalten Sie Einblicke in eine vergangene handwerkliche Tradition, die geprägt war von künstlerischer Gestaltung und manuellem Geschick. 

Wenn Sie es selbst einmal versuchen möchten, können Sie zwischen Halbtages- und Ganztageskursen wählen. Termine sind ganzjährig auf Anfrage möglich, Schutzkleidung wird gestellt. Bitte melden Sie sich mindestens zwei Tage vorher an.

Durch die auf maximal vier Personen begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl ist die individuelle Betreuung garantiert. 

Edwin Berberich
Setzgasse 7
63897 Miltenberg
Tel. 09371-1027
Mobil 0176-51103603


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