Miltenberg is an ideal stop for river cruise ships: You find an attractive, historic old town, fascinating museums, and several options to organize your stay. A lot of river cruise passengers consider Miltenberg as one of the highlights on their trip, and enjoy the atmosphere of this medieval half-timbered town.

Below we have outlined the most popular options for you.

Guided City Tours

Hardly a ship will call on Miltenberg without booking a guided city tour for the passengers. The “classic guided tour” is the most versatile and it is also available in a number of different languages (English, for one or two groups at a time also in French, Danish, Turkish or Russian).

Our guides have separate General Terms and Conditions for river cruise ships. For a firm booking please acknowledge and agree to these GTC in writing. 

Guided Museum Tour

The exhibitions in the museums of Miltenberg are just as multifarious as the offered tours available. Book a classic tour to get a general overview, or pick from our themed guided tours about Life Routines, The Renaissance Garden, The Jewish Past, Toys, Orthodox Icons versus Contemporary Art, combined tours, and more. With these many and varied offers, we will surely find something to answer your wishes.

Guided tours are suitable for all groups. They take about 60 minutes, and you can also choose a focus.

A lot of these tours are available in English.

The municipal museums in Miltenberg, the museums in Kleinheubach and Bürgstadt and the private apothecary museum in Miltenberg will be happy to open their doors to groups outside their regular opening hours. 


No River Cruise devoid of the opportunity to hunt for souvenirs or go clothes shopping without being pressed for time. In Miltenberg you have it all within short walking distances. Owner-operated shops with friendly staff who wish to offer expert advice and care warmly about keeping their customers happy.

Many shops also ship purchased goods abroad to save their customers the trouble of carrying everything around.

We consider it an additional bonus, that the shopping area for pedestrians and the gorgeous old town are the exact same place.

Guided Tours of the Brewery

Visit the brewery and find out what makes the Faust beer specialties so unique. Taste different types of beer, have a look around the Faust brewery shop and enjoy your time in the Black Quarter of Miltenberg.

You can choose between several different tours. The common feature of all tours is that they are interesting and entertaining. 

Guided tours of the brewery are also available in English. 

Wine Tasting

What is the difference between a pinot noir and a pinot noir précoce? Between a riesling and a silvaner? Which influence do soil, weather and wine-grower have on the quality of the wine?

A wine tasting is always entertaining and informative. It is the ideal relaxed surrounding for learning about the wines as well as about growing and aging wine. Many of our wine-growers and vinotheques offer such a wine tasting for groups of different sizes. 

Factory Tours & Workshops

Be it sweet, healthy or alcoholic – some manufacturers of culinary delights offer exciting factory tours or presentations. The best thing about it is: You can taste most of the products. 

Some of these tours and presentations are also available in English. 

Monastery "Kloster Engelberg"

The monastery “Kloster Engelberg” is one of the most well-known places of pilgrimage in our area and it is always worth a visit. You can reach it with coaches, it is accessible for wheelchairs and wheeled walkers, has a beautiful meditation garden, a church of historic value, a breathtaking view and a rustic monastery tavern.

It is also the ideal starting point (or a wonderful destination) for walks in the forest.