Netiquette of DREI AM MAIN

We look forward to friendly and factual discussions with the users of this website – constructive criticism is also welcome. 

In all your comments, discussions and opinions do not forget, that you are always dealing with human beings, even in social networks – be it employees, photographers, site hosts or other  users.

What we do not want on our pages:

  • Hate speech!
  • Including but not limited to racist, extremist, fundamentalist or hate-inciting remarks
  • Calls to violence and threats against people, institutions and companies
  • Any kind of insult
  • Pornography and salacity 
  • Calls to campaigns, rallies or demonstrations
  • Personal data (phone numbers and addresses)
  • Copyright infringement 
  • Posts in other languages than German or English, as the editor cannot check them for compliance with this policy 
  • Comments that have nothing to do with the subject of the post 
  • Links to websites containing one or more of the points listed here 
  • Posting the same comment again and again 

What happens if I violate this netiquette?
We will delete or hide posts violating these points. Users violating the netiquette repeatedly will be blocked. Criminally relevant posts will be reported!