Outings in the Area

Miltenberg, Bürgstadt and Kleinheubach are wonderful places and have numerous offers for all those who want to do sports, who want to relax, for those who are culturally interested  and for those who like to indulge in culinary delights. If you want to leave DREI AM MAIN for a day trip to the surrounding area, this page has a list of worthwhile places, sorted by distance. 

Information on accessibility are available here. Additional tips and  assistance can be found on the websites of our colleagues at Spessart-Mainland and Geo-Naturpark Bergstraße-Odenwald

For Families

A small private zoo  of the furniture manufacturer Rauch. Admission is free of charge. On display are agoutis, ostriches, camels, monkeys, kangaroos and a number of additional animals from around the world. 

The Alpaca Project- Alpacas made in Germany
Alpaca breeding since 2010 – simply out of love for animals: Leave your cares behind while dipping into a little South America here in the Miltenberg region. You can be cheek by jowl with alpacas, these fluffy, peaceful, shy, but also rather curious small camels at Stefan Bauer’s.

Tours are available throughout the year, just use the contact form at www.alpaka-projekt.eu. There are no randomly mixed groups, everybody can get their own private tours.

Tours last around 1.5 to 2hrs and you will receive a lot of information about these truly exceptional animals.

Climbing in the Quarry (ca. 19 km)
The climbing wall, which is part of the former quarry Stadtprozelten, combines all aspects of climbing and red sandstone. The motto “In Touch with Sandstone” is transferred directly into a sportive activity. Different levels of climbing are offered to beginners as well as more experienced climbers and provide challenging sportive opportunities. Please be aware that there are nature protection periods and climbing is prohibited during the close season from 1st January to 31st July. 

Forest Jump Walldürn (ca. 19 km)
While trying out the high rope course Forest Jump in Walldürn, you and your (older) kids will reach your limits, collaborate, and get to know yourselves and each other even better. Be it in the lower or the higher rope course, or when throwing an axe: coordination and cooperation will be vital.

High Rope Course Heimbuchenthal (ca. 28 km)
In Heimbuchenthal you can find another high rope course, where you can climb and balance under expert guidance. Archery is also offered at this location.

Kletterzentrum (Climbing Centre) Buchen  (ca. 31 km)
Inside the Climbing Center Buchen you cannot only find climbing walls with different degrees of difficulties, but also quite some opportunities for bouldering.

Kletterpark (Climbers’ Park) Silvestria Wertheim (ca. 43 km)
At this forest rope course, children who are at least 6yrs of age can climb trees up to a height of 10m. There is also an infant course for at least 4year-olds. Archery is offered as well.

Have a blast with some of the oddest and funniest bicycles you have ever seen.

The special feature of the Pedalwelt: We won’t bore you with old and dusty museum pieces, nor with unaffordable single-unit products, but thrive to entertain you with a cross section of the current range of bicycle options, even with some state-of-the-art technology models.

Different objects like models of castles, mills and sculptures represent various fairy tales and legends in the Fairy Tale Forest “Märchenwald Obrunnschlucht” in the Obrunn gully near Höchst in the Odenwald forest. 

The hiking trail is about 3 kilometres long, there are only gentle slopes and it has been designed in harmony with nature. Families with strollers can pass steps, roots and bridges if they help each other. 

Parking space is available. 

In Buchen/Odenwald, you can also find one of only 19 alla hopp! – Facilities. These facilities offer various possibilities to unwind, exercise, or simply stay fit for free. What matters most is having fun while working out.

Interesting Destinations for Outings

The famous church of pilgrimage  with its impressive view of the Main river valley. The monastery garden invites you to meditate or contemplate. At the monastery inn you can have a hearty bite to eat and a glass of the famous dark monastery beer.

It is also an enjoyable hike to go to the Engelberg on foot. 

The baroque style town in the Odenwald forest. The most famous sights are the abbey church with its baroque organ as well as the ruin of St Gotthard’s church, the “Templerhaus” and the chapel Amorsbrunn.

The fifth leg of the Franconian Red Wine Hiking Trail takes you from Klingenberg, another one of the official Places of Culinary Delights in Bavaria, to Großheubach. 

Historic landmarks are the ruin of the Clingenburg castle and the lookout tower above. Other popular destinations are the fixed-rope route “Churfrankensteig” for climbing, the chestnut nature trail and the European Cultural Paths “Vom Ton, Steinen & Scherben” (“About Clay, Stones & Shards”) and “Auf dem Totenweg durchs Paradeis” (“On the Path of the Dead through Paradise”).

The old church of Reistenhausen, which is now part of the town Collenberg, holds an intriguing and varied exhibition on the red bunter sandstone, its use and the stone industry in our region. 

Historic buildings of various eras and social classes – but all from the region. Many events on various historic topics.

The English Landscape Garden is ideal for leisurely strolls and in the attached wildlife park it is even allowed to feed the animals (only with the food available for purchase there).

The Prozelten Castle, called Henneburg, was built as a border fortification around the year 1200 by the Schenk (cup-bearer) of Clingenberg . It was a residence of the Teutonic Order for almost 200 years and in the end, it served as the official residence of the Bailiff of Mainz. It was deserted in the 16th century and fell into disrepair. 

Today’s use: The  ruin of the Henneburg castle can be accessed by the northeastern corner of the structure which is open for visitors all year long. In the summer months the battlements and the observation decks of both keeps are open. From the decks you have a breath-taking  view on the Main river valley with Stadtprozelten and the slopes of Odenwald and Spessart. 

Nearby are an inn and an archery course. 

Guided tours of the castle can be booked by telephone. 

One of the most famous places of pilgrimage and the biggest eucharistic place of pilgrimage in Germany.

The TECMUMAS is a museum for computers and entertainment electronics – visitors can even use some of the old game consoles!

Obernburg, the “city of the Romans” is also known as the “Pompeii on the Main river”, due to the exceptionally good state of preservation of the important antique finds. 

The Römermuseum Obernburg (museum of Roman history) near the Main river presents finds of the castrum Nemaninga, of the border patrols and of the camp life. 

The big flea market every Saturday on the banks of the river Main is also very popular.

The composer Joseph Martin Kraus, who was born in Miltenberg, grew up in Buchen. In addition, the town is in the so called “Madonnenländchen” (“Madonna countryside” – for the many Madonnas shown there) and has strong ties to spelt.

In Erbach the ivory museum is worth seeing. The annual fair “Erbacher Wiesenmarkt” is also very popular. 

Michelstadt is most of all famous for its town hall and its market square. Every year at Whitsuntide the traditional “Bienenmarkt” (“bees’ fair”) is held. The fair has numerous attractions for young and old – including an auction of queen bees, bred in the area.

The moated castle Mespelbrunn is still well-known for its appearance in the film “The Spessart Inn” with Lieselotte Pulver.

Guided tours and weddings are possible by appointment. 

Here you will find the only glass museum in Baden-Württemberg as well as a beautiful historic old town and the ruin of an impressive castle, which is also a venue for various events. Wertheim is also known for the outlet centre “Wertheim Village”. 

More than 240 years of company history and industrial heritage are on display in this exhibition: From the first hammer mills to today’s internationally active company Kurtz Ersa. Many hands-on exhibits allow you to become active yourselves. 

The “Villa Haselburg” is one of the biggest known complexes of a “villa rustica” in Hessen. In any case of none of the other complexes more has been excavated. 

One of the most beautiful and diverse stalactite caves  in Germany – and one of just a few that are accessible with wheelchairs.

The “Bavarian Nice” stands out with the Pompejanum and the Johannisburg Palace, the collegiate church and the park Schönbusch. But there are also numerous other sights. And, in addition, you will find extensive shopping opportunities – both in the mall “City Galerie” and in the pedestrian area.