Miltenberg and Kleinheubach are part of the decentralized monument „DenkOrt Deportationen 1941 – 1944“, inaugurated on 17th June 2020 in Würzburg. It is in front of the central railway station of Würzburg, just next to Saint Kilian’s fountain and the tram loop. 

This monument consists of suitcases, backpacks, rolled-up blankets and other pieces of luggage, made of stone, wood or metal and representing the very few belongings people could take with them, when they were deported from Würzburg to various concentration camps. 

One specimen of each piece of luggage is in Würzburg and its identical counterpart is in the town from where the Jewish citizens were hauled off. 

The 47 pieces of luggage on display in Würzburg represent 58 Jewish communities and towns. A second inauguration took place on 24th September 2021 adding 32 further pieces of luggage for 43 Jewish communities and towns to the monument. 

For Miltenberg you can find a suitcase in Würzburg, its counterpart is in Miltenberg in front of the town hall at the Engelplatz. 

For Kleinheubach there is a rolled-up blanket in Würzburg. Its counterpart is in Kleinheubach near the Old Town Hall. 

Both pieces of luggage representing DREI AM MAIN are made of red bunter sandstone. 

In addition 44 Stolpersteine (“stumbling stones”) in Miltenberg commemorate the Jewish citizens who were deported from here to  different extermination camps. 

The participants of the project “Wir wollen uns erinneren! DenkOrt Deportationen 1941 – 1944” (“We want to remember! DenkOrt Deportationen 1941 – 1944”) also have collected extensive information on the Jewish communities in Lower Franconia – including the Jewish communities in Miltenberg and Kleinheubach. 

Inauguration event of the „DenkOrt Deportationen 1941 – 1944“ in Würzburg in June 2020:

Zehranur Manzak's speech on the second inauguration event in September 2021 in Würzburg: